Better Patient Communications.

Extent your patient’s experience beyond the appointment with educational content, follow-up information, and timely promotions.


Healthcare Tips and Promotions

Are you a patient that is curious about our technology platform?

All information from your local healthcare practitioner will be on their dedicated landing page, so we hope that you find our system useful.

Patient e-Newsletters

General interest content series sent to your selected patient group, and branded for your practice.

"Being able to extend our practice's connection with our patients has been very helpful. Our patients appreciate that we are able to provide them with timely updates to their inbox."

James Christensen, Bright Whites Dental

SMS Landing Pages

Proven effective appointment booking, and promotional pages to deliver your timely message to generate a response.

"It's like someone has read my mind, everything I've wanted to implement to help my patients stay connected, but always seemed too hard to do!"

Sarah Donavan, Eyes Wide Optical

Automated & Personalized Topics

Deliver timely and relevent follow-up information following the appointment, specific to the patient.

"Sometimes a simple tool is all that is needed. I felt comfortable designing and sending my own promotions, and most importantly it's being done properly."

Daria Harlow, DH Kinesiology


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